Raising Natural Kids {Celebrating Earth Day Everyday}

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As we grow closer to Earth Day, many of you might be planning something special to celebrate a day that is meant to make a difference in our lives. Earth Day to our family means celebrating a lifestyle change we strive to work towards everyday.

When I was a kid, I remember signing up every year to do something to help make a difference and celebrate Earth Day. Some years, we would pick up trash around our town while other years we planted flowers around our town.

Now, as an adult I’ve grown accustom to living a lifestyle in making better choices in essentially everything I do. Why? Because the decisions we make now are directly impacting our children’s future’s. Am I perfect and declaring that I’m doing everything right or in a 100% eco-conscious way? Definitely not. I am however, much more conscious of my decisions and purchases thanks to my family. Deciding to cloth diaper my babies was the start of a complete lifestyle change for our whole family in how we eat, clean, and act on a daily basis.

Did you know that it takes 250-500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose? That’s right, 500 years! That’s hundreds of generations in our families to come living through a diaper we throw away today. Think of how badly that’s polluting the planet. I did. That’s one of the several reasons our family uses cloth diapers. Cloth diapers made me re-think everything I was doing and change some habits to rebuild new ones. These habits and decisions I am making now are teaching my children better decisions for their families as well.

My kids will think cloth diapering is normal. They’ll think reading labels is normal. They’ll think recycling is normal. My four year old already asks what’s in his food and questions the things we are doing on a daily basis. Earth Day to us, is just a reminder of how healthy we need to be and how conscious we need to be of our decisions if we want to save this delicate earth we all call home.

Our planet is like everything else; it needs to be cared for and nurtured. It needs to be taken care of and Earth Day is a symbol of that. Don’t you want to know your children will be around to have children and then grandchildren?  Don’t you want to know we are doing everything we can to make healthier and safer choices not only for our planet, but our families? Being aware is the most important thing and Earth Day serves as a reminder to everyone to be more aware of the things around us and make better choices to become habit. If we teach our children now, they will teach theirs too.

I know I want these sweet little faces to know I care. Don’t you?

Here are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day with your family :

  • Check out these cute little Green Toys Planting Kit. You can plant some seeds with your kids and watch them grow!
  • Plant a tree in the backyard – teach your kids about the circle of life by planting a small tree or plant in the backyard and letting them help you take care of it.
  • Create an Earth Day jar. I got this adorable idea from SheKnows.com and I love it! Fill a jar (you can even let your little ones decorate it themselves) with ways your family can change throughout the year. How can you make a daily effort to help the Earth and the choices you make as a family in your home?
  • Watch “The Lorax.” My kids LOVE this movie and it has a special message too about being kind to our planet. You can even make these adorable Lorax Mustaches, I got a free printable here.

the lorax mustache

Celebrate Earth Day as a reminder of how precious our planet is, but vow to make lifestyle changes to make a difference all year round… this is what our family will be doing and it’s a learning process everyday. I know these sweet little faces and their blossoming futures are so worth the hard work.

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